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  • 0 comments, 45 views, 0 likes
    Most of the girls are fat and there are few with great curves. The dances are 20 dollars. The best part is to sit with them a..
  • 0 comments, 199 views, 2 likes
    I came by last Friday Night to Bliss Showgirls. I showed up around 1am and the place was DEADER THAN DEAD. Lots of dancer..
  • 0 comments, 284 views, 0 likes
    This is a Major dive of a club. I used to come by Villa Theatre on RARE occasions back when Deja Vu Ontario was open and i..
  • 0 comments, 379 views, 1 like
    After a pretty crappy first visit to Sahara, I used an app to see what other stripclubs were in the area, and the Dirty Bird ..
  • 1 comment, 286 views, 0 likes
    Been meaning to try out this place, and since I was in the area I decided that a Saturday afternoon was as good a day as any...
  • 4 comments, 425 views, 0 likes
    (also posted in Forum) Went on a weekday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. This place was formally Vivid, but they apparent..
  • 0 comments, 126 views, 1 like
    Haven't been here in like 3-4 years do to BANNING me from being able to wear thin-layer sweat pants (as that's my lapping g..
  • 0 comments, 306 views, 1 like
    We went to Red Lips Club on Friday Night for a Bachelor Party, 5 of us all together. We were still expecting it to be the ot..
  • 0 comments, 609 views, 4 likes
    Thought I'd make a return visit to Imperial, one of the most popular clubs in the O.C. I'd last visited this place in 2011 an..
  • 0 comments, 240 views, 3 likes
    I remember Rio when it was in downtown LA (now Sams After Dark) in all it's extreme hustle, not-so-great dancer, glory. I was..