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  • 0 comments, 102 views, 3 likes
    I haven't been to the 'DEAD-RHINO' in like 3 years. The reason People like myself & BENN would lable this place that was do ..
  • 1 comment, 48 views, 0 likes
    Its hard to like this club I went on a Friday night normally a busy night for a strip club anyways there was maybe about 10 g..
  • 0 comments, 130 views, 3 likes
    Rolled in for a first time visit after first visiting Ecstasy Theatre. Well actually stopped at TJ's before heading out to 00..
  • on Ecstasy
    8 comments, 223 views, 10 likes
    First time visit to Ecstasy Theatre. Got there around 1:30pm. I tried calling a couple of times to confirm the cover charge a..
  • 2 comments, 170 views, 4 likes
    I did a trip report abou the Blue Zebra a month or so ago, but figured I'd follow up with a bona fide review on my second tri..
  • 0 comments, 168 views, 0 likes
    I've always avoided Rhinos because I like my strip joints down and dirty, just like the girls who work there. But I've been ..
  • 0 comments, 118 views, 0 likes
    I hadn't been to the Rhino in over a year. Last time we went, it was a slow Monday night with only a half dozen girls around ..
  • 0 comments, 235 views, 0 likes
    Out at Los Alamitos Race Track and thought I would go back this club. Hadnt been there for at least 8 yrs. Big Change the sta..
  • 0 comments, 290 views, 2 likes
    Stopped by this club after a long time away and found it pretty much unchanged. It's easy to find right off the 5 freeway at..
  • 0 comments, 357 views, 2 likes
    After the Debacle that was paradise we drove down the bliss. The edibles were in full effect. The cover for bliss was 7 bu..

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