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  • 0 comments, 56 views, 1 like
    So I'm driving in the Los Feliz area for lyft. Did a couple rides. I decide to make a pit stop. Rather than go to Jumbos, I w..
  • 1 comment, 95 views, 1 like
    I ended up here cause it was the closest club to my routes on lyft on this particular Saturday night (10-12-14) I grabbed one..
  • 1 comment, 101 views, 6 likes
    So after hearing about it opening up over a month ago, I finally got a chance to cruise in to peep the scene. I can barely re..
  • 0 comments, 225 views, 1 like
    My rental car was a low end Chrysler 200. The interior smelled like old smoke and was uncomfortable, but it had a decent, if ..
  • on Roxy
    0 comments, 57 views, 0 likes
    It was over a year ago. A dancer named Cat was good but she left. Would let the Kitty out and touch your hand on your knee ..
  • 1 comment, 167 views, 5 likes
    I stopped by Alameda Strip on Thursday afternoon, just to see if the Latina girls have big fat asses like everyone says. T..
  • 0 comments, 279 views, 0 likes
    Since on my clubbing buddies ATF has moved to Paradise, it has becoming part of our club rotation. The good part is mileage...
  • 0 comments, 175 views, 9 likes
    So I cruise in this past Thursday afternoon to check out the scene. I had not been in here in at least a couple of months. Th..
  • 0 comments, 146 views, 0 likes
    Whenever I come here at nights or day-shift Friday there is usually at least one good looking (I'm picky) girl working. ..
  • 1 comment, 216 views, 4 likes
    So this was only my second time coming here on dayshift. I came her once back iin like the fall of 2012 when that goth chic s..
  • 2 comments, 281 views, 4 likes
    I stopped by La Vida last week at night. The club was pretty jumping, with a lot of dancers (8-12?), at a reasonable ratio to..
  • 0 comments, 266 views, 0 likes
    Didn't plan on writing a "review" here since there is nothing really for me to review as far as the actual club & dancers are..
  • 0 comments, 218 views, 0 likes
    Stopped at this club to take a break driving to Vegas. A few miles from the 15 freeway, but lap dances were well worth the $..
  • 0 comments, 573 views, 0 likes
    Avoid this s--thole at all costs. Got a $100 VIP dance from a girl the other night. 5 minutes into the dance, she reaches int..
  • 2 comments, 416 views, 1 like
    So I decide to make my way back here after a long brea. Last time I was here was at the beginning of this year when I was sti..
  • 0 comments, 255 views, 0 likes
    I almost didn't even bother to write a review but decided to anyways. The last time I came here was when I was still on night..
  • 0 comments, 395 views, 2 likes
    My bestie's birthday has been coming up, and I have literally been saving my stage tips for a week, wanting to pay it forward..
  • 0 comments, 338 views, 0 likes
    sorry, not for me!
  • 0 comments, 418 views, 0 likes
    great place to come with friends or even your girlfriend. the girls are not the hottest but there's a few 9's and 10's. Astac..
  • Vip
    1 comment, 403 views, 0 likes
    Vip experiance.