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  • 4 comments, 131 views, 0 likes
    Good club, great prices, and usually a pretty decent lineup, even during the daytime. I was there today and one problem I ha..
  • 3 comments, 112 views, 0 likes
    Located in an industrial district close to the colleges and Downtown Fullerton, the House of Eden is still standing after 2 d..
  • 1 comment, 127 views, 2 likes
    I happened to be in the area when I got a text from a long time friend known as CARAMEL (formerly VIP Showgurls). It was arou..
  • 0 comments, 158 views, 1 like
    After we left Fritz's, it was still only 12 something. We had time. So we drove around looking to get the OC Weekly magazine ..
  • 1 comment, 94 views, 1 like
    Located a stone's throw away from the "Big A" ballpark in Anaheim, Fritz has been around for a long time. I'd gone here a num..
  • on 4 Play
    0 comments, 90 views, 0 likes
    been coming to this place for a while. Very nice place to hang out when you have nothing to do. But there are a few girls he..
  • 3 comments, 131 views, 2 likes
    Haven't done a Trip report in a while, then again haven't been to a club in a while either. So here it goes! My Wingman su..
  • 0 comments, 120 views, 5 likes
    I hadn't been here in almost 2 years. I came a handful of times back on 2012-beginning of 2013 when I was on the nightshift. ..
  • 2 comments, 237 views, 3 likes
    In the last few months, I've made a couple of visits to Bare N Legal, Pomona's "other' strip club. Located in an industrial p..
  • 2 comments, 180 views, 2 likes
    We hit Sam's on a Thursday night around 730. Valet parking was $7. No cover charge before 8. Asian kid in suit checked our ID..
  • 2 comments, 141 views, 1 like
    My first experience at Dames n' Games was definitely a thumbs up. We'd gone there after leaving Sam's on a Thursday evenin..
  • 2 comments, 245 views, 1 like
    My buddy and I spend the day at the shooting range off of Valley. We got early dinner at Pieology. After dinner, we decided..
  • 2 comments, 117 views, 2 likes
    This by far is THE WORST OF THE WORST DEJA Vu Clubs out there, & I've been to most of them in L.A. County. The Prices ARE..
  • 0 comments, 201 views, 0 likes
    Hadn't been to any strip club in a while, especially local ones since I always found them pretty lame. This place in not luxu..
  • 0 comments, 124 views, 1 like
    So I'm driving in the Los Feliz area for lyft. Did a couple rides. I decide to make a pit stop. Rather than go to Jumbos, I w..
  • 1 comment, 120 views, 1 like
    I ended up here cause it was the closest club to my routes on lyft on this particular Saturday night (10-12-14) I grabbed one..
  • 2 comments, 136 views, 6 likes
    So after hearing about it opening up over a month ago, I finally got a chance to cruise in to peep the scene. I can barely re..
  • on Roxy
    0 comments, 76 views, 0 likes
    It was over a year ago. A dancer named Cat was good but she left. Would let the Kitty out and touch your hand on your knee ..
  • 1 comment, 196 views, 5 likes
    I stopped by Alameda Strip on Thursday afternoon, just to see if the Latina girls have big fat asses like everyone says. T..
  • 0 comments, 403 views, 0 likes
    Since on my clubbing buddies ATF has moved to Paradise, it has becoming part of our club rotation. The good part is mileage...