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  • JOE Trump stans are fags, that's all, have a nice day.
    April 14
  • djjrocks69 The Body Shop - West Hollywood All Nude - Open Til 4am Rev. RTRC Nicole Velvet Sunshine Romey Valentina Aurora Aston Sterling Misty Susana Joy Camila Diamond Larissa Lotus Bianka More on the way!
    4 hours ago
  • Abel WTF happened to VIPs page? It's no longer listed.  
    December 13, 2013
  • jjames Any recommendations for Monday day shift?
    December 8, 2013
  • LouASS Last night I decided to try La Vida as I haven't been there in several Months. Usually I'll either Hit Red Tie or DVNh when I want to club, But wanted to try something new & maybe see a new babe maybe to my liking. Man, you would think with all those late night commercials they promote including on Espn they would draw a crowd, But NOPE!!!! Nothing, Nada, El Zilcho. I drove by 12 Midnight on Friday and I think I only saw like 2 cars parked up front to the clu and two other Cars across the street sidewalk. Their back parking lot is limited to very few cars which most of the employees parked there. I thought OH HELL NO, i just might be the only PL in there so drove back home. Not sure why they keep advertising that club is such a Joke and should shut it's doors. It's only a matter of time til someone else buys them out or they closed their doors just like Eros. (st)
    April 22